The Interesting Question

The nine year old has no patience anymore for “How was your day?” For “Got much homework?” “Ask an interesting question, Mom!” I’ve tried, “Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or to fly?” And “If our house had one more room, what would you want that room to be?” In a bit of a reach “If there were a war between four legged animals and birds and insects whose side would you be on?” He reciprocated, “What’s your least favorite sentence you have read?” What questions are interesting and appropriate for me to ask my little boy?


  1. JSA Lowe
    Oct 21, 2013

    Don’t know if this will be true for him, but my one parent’s vague/open-ended questions grate on me because they’re—they expect me to be entertaining or offer up novelty or relating. If l were asked a specific question bearing on past conversations/connections, like “You seemed really worried about X interaction/experience, how did that go in the end?” or “what happened with Person Y today, did you guys get a chance to do Z?”—that might go better. But this may just be developmental, in which case l am still a nine-year-old & still resentful that my life is this particular parent’s television, something briefly interesting but then forgotten, so hearty questions like “Got any good students this semester?” forever set my teeth on edge.

  2. JSA Lowe
    Oct 21, 2013

    (PS I’m sorry if that was annoying, l’ve been pretty annoying lately)

  3. Mara Collins
    Oct 21, 2013

    You = NOT Annoying. K?

    Rainer, I think, does find school a boring topic of conversation, but also doesn’t like if I do the conversation by rote, half-engaged asking the same question I have asked a zillion times before. Though tomorrow I may ask if his teacher were an animal what kind of animal would she be. Or if he could have any character from any books we have read as a substitute PE teacher whom he would choose. Or what he thinks a kid time traveling from the future would find unbearably primitive about how his school is run. I will think of something.

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